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  • Thursday November 24th 2016
  • 13:24

    Happy Birthday BrandMeister Published by ON3YH

    Exactly one year ago, we purchased the domainname BrandMeister.Network. This is where it all started. The development of BM has already started somewhere in 2014 but one year ago, the first BrandMeister masters were up and running and the dashboard was launched.

    In meanwhile, the development has not gotten to a halt for a single day. The server software keeps getting updates every few weeks, new systems are being supported as fast as possible. The Dashboard was completely recoded and launched in Ham Radio Friedrichshafen 2015. It now offers a complete portal for selfcare, repeater management, master management and user management. Hoseline, which was initially developed by a community member, is now also an official part of BrandMeister. The BrandMeister wiki is now also available from and received a new theme to fit with hoseline and the dashboard.

    In this year, we've been able to deploy over 30 servers, connecting with repeaters in over 40 countries! I think we can proudly say that BrandMeister is now the biggest DMR network in the world. We're not stopping now! We keep actively looking for more interested people to deploy new servers, connect with more repeaters, ... We're doing our best to make this network even bigger!

    What's important is that BrandMeister is community driven. The master servers are hosted by local sysop communities, which have a free master server available or pay for it with the help of their users if needed. The repeaters can be used by everyone, with almost every DMR TIER 2 device that's on the market today. If there's a manufacturer out there working on a new type of DMR repeater, you can bet that BM will be supporting it as soon as we can get our hands on one of those repeaters. This also counts for radios!

    It's thanks to you that we've became this big already, and as we've said before, we ain't stopping now!
    We want to show the world what it's like to be part of an open DMR community.
    In the name of the BrandMeister Development Team, I'd like to thank

    • The Master Server managers, for hosting the 33 master servers free of cost or payed by the donations of their users
    • The Repeater Sysops, for connecting their repeaters with our network, for providing BM coverage in their region
    • The extremely kind community, which is willing to help eachother with questions and problems of any kind
    We can't thank you guys enough!

    You can view the video here:

    Remember, if you're willing to do a birthday gift to the network, you can always go to our donation page.
    With this money, we buy hardware like repeaters & radios to do tests & experiments so we can implement them in the BrandMeister network.

    Best 73'
    The BrandMeister Development Team

  • Saturday November 5th 2016
  • 12:01

    Automated Repeater Coverage Maps Published by F4BWG

    The Brandmeister portal now automatically generates coverage maps for repeaters ! Once sysops have entered their repeater information on BrandMeister (coordinates,height,power,antenna), the portal will provide a coverage map, courtesy of RF mapping leaders RFinder and CloudRF.

    General Notes

    • To access the coverage maps, click on a repeater. If the sysop has entered his repeater location information, the map in at the bottom right of the screen will show a green dot and zoomed in the area of the repeater. Hover on the top right icon on the map, and click the "Plot" checkbox
    • If you only see a map of the entire world, please contact the repeater owner and ask him to update the information in Brandmeister.
    • The maximum range displayed is 100km radius. When repeaters are capable of reaching farther distances, the coverage plot edges will be shaped as a circle, which is due to this limitation.
    • The maps database do not include man-made structures, but only terrain information. You will therefore not see gaps of coverage due to tall buildings or other structures.
    Repeaters Sysops Notes
    • Please make sure to populate your repeater information using your personal SelfCare account. To enable repeater management from your personal selfcare account, contact your server admin or brandmeister support. Do not create a SelfCare account for your repeater callsign !
    • Important: Enter the HAAT in the height field. The height is measured from the ground (not from sea level). The maps we use already know the terrain elevation at the coordinates you will provide. You just need to indicate the height between the ground at the repeater location and the bottom of the antenna.
    • The maps are generated once per day. If you change your repeater data, wait for 24h to see thechanges on the plots.
    • If you are uncertain about the exact coordinates of your repeater, just click inside the latitude or longitude field to bring a map, zoom in as close as possible to your location and click on the map where the repeater is located. This will automatically populate the location fields on the repeater form.

  • Friday October 14th 2016
  • 12:14

    BrandMeister Master Server Admin Guide Published by F4BWG

    The latest version of the BrandMeister Master Server Administration Guide is available here.

  • Wednesday October 12th 2016
  • 12:00

    Brandmeister Repeater Sysop Control Panel Published by F4BWG

    The repeater sysop control panel is now accessible. If you own one or more repeater(s) connected to a BM Master Server, please contact the master server admin or the brandmeister global support team to have your personal self-care account associated with your repeater. Do not create a self-care account for your repeater(s), the control panel will be accessed from your personal self-care account.

  • Sunday July 3rd 2016
  • 22:26

    Rest In Peace Luc, VE2DWE Published by ON3YH

    We are deeply saddened by the loss of Luc, VE2DWE, one of the pioneers of BrandMeister Canada. We cannot even begin to understand what his family and friends going through right now, but we would like to offer our prayers and condolences to them

    The BrandMeister Team
    The BrandMeister Canada Team

  • Sunday June 26th 2016
  • 10:38

    BrandMeister presentation at Ham Radio 2016 Published by ON3YH

    Good morning BrandMeister enthousiasts!

    Last Friday, we had the BrandMeister presentation here at Ham Radio 2016 in Friedrichshafen, some of them have been asking about the presentations which is why we're posting them online here.

    Best 73'
    The BrandMeister Team

  • Friday June 24th 2016
  • 14:06

    Supporting BrandMeister Published by ON3YH

    Have you always wanted to support your most favorite DMR Network? Now you can because this weekend we'll be selling STICKERS! Come say hi at our booth in Friedrichshafen (Hall A1 stand 742) if you want to buy a sticker to support us! They are being sold for 1€ a piece.

    With this money, we're able to buy new equipment so we can analyse the protocols and support even more exotic brands on the network! See you there!

    Best 73'
    The BrandMeister Development Team

  • 13:23

    DL/BrandMeister/P @ Ham Radio 2016 Friedrichshafen Published by ON3YH

    Hey there!

    Welcome to the new BrandMeister Dashboard! You can already start to get familiar with it, because THIS is the way to go now! Today at 12 'o clock, the BrandMeister Team will be giving a presentation at Ham Radio 2016 Friedrichshafen in Hall A2! Join the other BrandMeister fans and see with your own eyes what we've planned for you in the near future!

    Can't make it to the presentation but still have a few questions? Or do you just want to say hi? No problem! We'll be happy to answer all your questions or have a nice chat with you throughout the weekend at our booth in Hall A1 at stand 742.

    If you happen to find any issues on the dashboard, feel free to report them on our public Github repository!

    Best 73'
    The BrandMeister Team!

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