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  • Thu November 24th 2016
  • Facebook megosztás   Twitter megosztás   13:24

    Happy Birthday BrandMeister Feltöltötte: ON3YH

    Exactly one year ago, we purchased the domainname BrandMeister.Network. This is where it all started. The development of BM has already started somewhere in 2014 but one year ago, the first BrandMeister masters were up and running and the dashboard was launched. In meanwhile, the development has not gotten to a halt for a single day. The server software keeps getting updates every few weeks, new systems are being supported as fast as possible. The Dashboard was completely recoded and launched i ...
  • Sat November 5th 2016
  • Facebook megosztás   Twitter megosztás   12:01

    Automated Repeater Coverage Maps Feltöltötte: F4BWG

    The Brandmeister portal now automatically generates coverage maps for repeaters ! Once sysops have entered their repeater information on BrandMeister (coordinates,height,power,antenna), the portal will provide a coverage map, courtesy of RF mapping leaders RFinder and CloudRF. General NotesTo access the coverage maps, click on a repeater. If the sysop has entered his repeater location information, the map in at the bottom right of the screen will show a green dot and zoomed in the area of the re ...
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